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American Telegram ®

U.S. Based Live Telegram Operators:

American Telegram is an International Telegram Common Carrier regulated by the FCC with a 214 authorization. Local, National & Worldwide Telegram Delivery since 1986. Honored as one of America’s Inc. 500 Companies!

800 PRIORITY® (1-800-774-6748)

For Urgent, Time-Critical Messages such as Contract Cancellation,
Choose Our Hand Delivered Telegrams.

Utilize our services for all of your same day telegram delivery, next day telegram delivery, and international telegram delivery service needs. Our telegram service can be used for contract cancellation (legally binding), sympathy telegrams for funerals, international telegrams to over 220 countries (Italy, UK, Japan, etc.), as well as a myriad of other telegraphic services. American Telegram has been hand delivering telegrams throughout the world since 1986, and has made the Inc.500 list.

We specialize in contract cancellation telegrams. Our telegrams are legally binding such that your contract is effectively cancelled as soon as you file the telegram with us via the time and date stamp automatically placed on the telegram the moment you submit the telegram to us. We are the only telegraph company legally operating within the United States, and have been given the "Grant of Authority" by the FCC for telegraph traffic.

Our telegrams are also commonly used for sympathy / bereavement messages. We hand deliver the telegram directly to the funeral home (or family's home if you prefer), and see to it the family is given your sympathy message, or that it is read at the funeral (upon your request).

Our telegrams are hand delivered and include complete detailed tracking information including time/date of delivery as well as documentation of who signs for the telegram, so you can rest easy knowing your telegram will arrive on time and be delivered to the intended recipient. Other telegram services simply rely on Postal services for telegram delivery. We physically hand deliver the telegram directly to its destination.

We time and date stamp every Telegram which holds up in a court of law as a legal document.

Use the links above to choose the type of service you need.

Telegrams are: legal and binding, time and date stamped telegraphic messages.

Telegrams are: timely messages delivered by a neutral third party and avoid direct confrontation.

Telegrams can be: hand delivered, phoned in, or routed through the postal system.

Telegrams can be: delivered to the recipient with a request for signature as well as a proof of delivery so you will know exactly when your message arrives, and who signed for it.

Telegrams can be: faxed or e-mailed.

You can send a Telegram: anywhere in the world.

HIGH IMPACT! - Rest assured your message WILL be read.

A company you can trust: American Telegram is an Inc. 500 elite company

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