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American Telegram® is an International Telegram Common Carrier/an Emergency Service Provider authorized by the Federal Communications Commission with a 214 authorization. You have counted on us for Local, National & Worldwide Telegram Delivery since 1986. We have been honored as one of America’s Inc.500 Companies (500% increase in 5 years)!

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It’s easy to get right to the place you need to send a telegram.
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If you need to send a telegram message to several or a large number of people, call us and we will help. Our live operators are available mornings, afternoons and or evenings 7 days a week.

800 PRIORITY® (1-800-774-6748)

For Urgent, Time-Critical Messages such as Contract Cancellations, you can send a telegram to get your message delivered with impact!

Send an International Telegram or International Cablegram Internationally. You can count on us when you send a Telegram or Cablegram to all countries Worldwide. Send an International Message by phone or click and create your order right here on our website.

Testimonial from a satisfied customer about one of our operators that took the Telegram Order:

“Great News!! Your telegrams were successfully delivered to our distant relative in Japan because he responded back by mailing a letter to us. Thank you for all of your extra care and for going above and beyond to help us. We are so grateful that you were our agent from American Telegram because you are the Very Best!!”

With Warmest Regards, Gail & Bill F.

In America, Brian Want talks online about American Telegram:

“Telegraph companies like American Telegram (which is really the only US provider these days) archive all the messages they send and provide time and date stamps that hold up in a court of law. It gets immediate attention and is, frankly, virtually impossible to ignore. An email or a phone message has proof of the time it was sent, but not proof of when it was received, and sometimes that can make the difference.”


Western Union no longer offers telegrams, but American Telegram still does.

People still use them for legal reasons, political activism, and personal messages.

Telegrams are FCC regulated and can serve as legal proof of timely contract cancellation.

Contract cancellation is a common reason for sending telegrams. It’s hard to refute notification by telegram in a court of law, as it is a federally licensed means of communication subject to FCC regulations and record-keeping requirements.

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