24 Hour Wire is comprised of 4 national brands:
American Telegram®
, Flowergram® , Candygram® and Balloongram®.

The following is intended as a guide for prospective advertisers, media, and others. Generally all advertising involving cash buys are direct response and subject to profitability in which the advertising must draw and produce a profit after deducting for advertising costs, cost of goods sold, etc. All promotional plugs must state the brand names, vanity toll free numbers and web sites in accordance with the Group's standards.

Advertising Yellow Pages
All yellow page listings are coordinated with administrative offices and placed either through the Group's Yellow Pages Integrated Media AssociationSM (Yellow Pages I.M.A.SM) Certified Marketing Representative or on a local basis. Yellow Pages Integrated Media AssociationSM and Yellow Pages I.M.A.SM are registered service marks of the Yellow Pages Integrated Media AssociationSM.

Advertising Conventional

All advertising must draw and produce a gross profit after deducting advertising costs, costs of goods sold, etc. The Group will consider media buys subject to profitability. Generally successful (profitable direct response) advertising will be continued or renewed.

Advertising Remnant

The 24 Hour Wire Group regularly considers remnant advertising provided such advertising satisfactory pulls and subject to scheduling approval and profitability. Run of station campaigns may be considered. All buys must include production facilities at no additional charge (pre, post, crew, etc). Affidavits required.

Advertising Trade

The Group partakes in trades in which products or services are traded in exchange for advertising (television, radio, print, web, billboard, etc.).

Per Inquiry (PI)

The per inquiry advertising program encompasses television, radio, print and web advertising. Utilizing inbound toll free and web reporting, responses are tracked and advertisers paid based on orders sold.

The 24 Hour Wire Group often runs promotions in which free products and/or services are provided for giveaways, contests, etc, in exchange for advertising and/or plugs mentioning services, vanity toll free numbers and web sites.

Publicity-Public Relations
Press releases, media information kits, etc. are available. Generally priority consideration is given to advertisers that provide positive press coverage.

The group regularly considers bartering in which products and/or services are exchanged for merchandise and/or services. The Group partakes in trade only barter (no cash). Although barter exchanges will be considered, trades are usually done directly with vendors or barter brokers. The Messaging Division's Mailed Telegrams has been the most popular trade item as it provides high impact volume messages to what otherwise would be marginal responses on bulk mailings. Research has sown that telegrams are opened ahead of all correspondence 94% of the time!

The 24 Hour Wire Group will work with your school, group, club, organization, non-profit association, charity, etc. with products and service for fundraising purposes. A variety of fundraising programs are available to help your group raise money.

Contact: Advertising, Promotion, Public Relations, Trades or Fundraising

Tel: 702-242-8000, Fax 702-242-8011

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