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Businesses, Organizations, and Governmental Subscribers

We are the industry leader in hand delivered messaging. We can also meet any volume mailing needs that you may have.

Subscribers use our Business Telegrams for announcements, invitations, collections, legal notification and instructions. Telegrams serve as an excellent legal instrument for your Human Resources department
Hospitals, including the Emergency Room (ER), Doctors and Medical Offices use Telegrams for urgent patient notifications and recalls
Finance Departments, Auto Dealerships and Department Stores send Telegrams for collections and Credit Approvals (quickly gets the customer to buy)
Airlines use Telegrams for Maintenance Correspondence
Contractors send for Construction Code Compliance.
Banks, Mortgage Companies and Financial Services file telegrams for tax impound notifications, refinancing solicitations, etc.
All Telegrams are time and date stamped and kept on file providing you a legal record of your filing. Operators are available 7 days per week or you can go online to place an order.
Here's what Subscribers like about American Telegram ® :

Credit *
Emergency Response Capability
Legal date/time authentication
One Point of Contact
One Point Billing
Dictation over the phone
20% Discount on telegrams
24Hr On line Sending
24Hr Operator Transcribing
Employee Benefit Discount
10% Discount on Next Day Flowergram ®
10% Discount on Next Day Candygrams ®
10% Discount on Next Day Balloongrams ®

With the Employee and Member Benefit Discount, your employees and members can access the subscriber discount at your discretion. Your employees and members are billed separately, but the discount is the same.

Our telegraphic services can add delivery “impact” to all your company’s time sensitive documents such as announcements, invitations, employee notices and legal notifications. When messages are sent as a telegram, they serve as legal instruments and are time and date stamped, providing a record of your intent. Keep in mind with a Subscriber Account, there is never a minimum order and our service is so easy to use. Simply order online, e-mail, fax, or call in your message to our live operators. We do the rest to ensure prompt and efficient delivery.

Simplicity, low cost and peace of mind, does it get any better than this? YES!! Telegram File Copies and Proof of Deliveries are always available. You can also receive Corporate Account discounts on the products available through Flowergram ®, Candygram ® and Balloongram ®*. These products serve as the perfect, no hassle thank you or congratulatory gifts!

Remember, this offer is available to your entire organization.

American Telegram ® provides hand delivered messages available Same Day, Next Day or Two Day and specializes in volume mailings and additional corporate discounts on large volume and bulk orders. Would you like to take advantage of these savings for your organization? Just fill out the information below to sign up.

*Order acceptance and or credit approval subject to verification of funds and/or local telephone service in good standing within Company's/Carrier's telephone billing areas.