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E-MAIL Telegram Service
+ $4.95 each set of 30 words
All charges include each word in the destination address.
See the countries we deliver to if you wish to check availability.

* Denotes a required field. Otherwise it is OK to leave a field blank.

Please enter the telegram message in the large text box below.
(The recipient's address will automatically be added to the message prior to delivery. Be sure to include your name in the closing of the Telegram so the recipient will know who sent the message. We do not do this automatically.)

Please use only ASCII characters (English alphabet). If you need to use Unicode characters for non-english alphabets, you can e-mail us your message directly to corp at Be sure to include your contact information so we can call you for billing.

Enter message below:

Special features you can add to your Telegram order:

File Copy - $12.95

An official time and date stamped copy of your Telegram can be sent to you. This would serve as an important document to complete your records when canceling contracts and any other official notifications.

Would you like a file copy sent to you?

Report of Delivery - $12.95

Want to know when your message was delivered and if a signature was obtained? Order a report of delivery. After the delivery is complete we will notify you via phone or mail. (Provides a report of transmission in the case of a cablegram.)

Would you like a telephone call with the report of delivery when it becomes available?

Would you like a report of delivery sent to you?

Signature Request - $12.95

When leaving the Telegram at the location is not enough, request a signature. This signature will become part of your telegram record. Available with International Telegram or Priority Combo service only.

Would you like for our delivery agent to obtain a signature from the accepting party?
Yes, I must have the signature.
No, a signature is not necessary

Keepsake Copy - $9.95

This is a duplicate of the original Telegram, but is more suitable for framing. It is available for sending to the recipient only.

Would you like us to send a keepsake copy of this Telegram to the recipient?

Pay By Credit Card

Enter the name that appears on the credit card bill:
Enter your credit card number
(Do not enter dashes or spaces.)
Enter your credit card expiration date:     
Enter your credit
Card Verification Value (cvv) code
(Do not enter dashes or spaces.)

Your information (Sender):

Billing Information:
We require the full name and billing address for the person paying for this order. All credit card and/or relevant billing information is verified before processing.

*Name (First Last), or (Company)
*Card Holder's Street Address
Address (Line 2 or Apt #)
*State / Province
*Zip / Postal Code
Work Phone
(US Only)
Home Phone
(US Only)
International Phone
(Non-US Locations)
*Please enter the name and number of someone we can contact if we have questions regarding this order.


Recipient Information (Destination for this Telegram):

*Recipient's Full Name
If this is going to a business locaton, please be sure to provide the name of the business as well.
*Address Line 1
Address Line 2
Please include suite/floor number if applicable.
Zip/Postal Code
Where applicable.
Work Phone
(US Only)
Home Phone
(US Only)
International Phone
(Non-US Locations)
(US Only)
Secondary International Phone
Cell, Work, Fax, etc.
(Non-US Locations)
*Enter the date you would like this message delivered

Please use the format MM/DD/YY
Example: 09/05/16
If you have popups enabled, you may
use the calendar selector by clicking
the button next to the date field if you wish.

Please enter any comments, special delivery instructions, or any other information we should know to process this order correctly.
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Your order is time and date stamped when you click Send Telegram.

You will receive a confirmation email soon (if you provided one above).

We appreciate your business and look forward to regular business from you!



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