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International Telegrams   

FCC Tariff Rules & Regulations Apply

We hand deliver International Telegrams to 220 countries.
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We offer two different levels of service: International Telegrams & International Cablegrams

International Telegrams are hand delivered to your recipient with detailed tracking information available, including signature. Telegrams are hand delivered to the destination by agents. Recommended if tracking and confirmation of telegram delivery is needed. Typically delivered within 1-2 days for major countries (Italy, UK, Japan, etc.).

International Cablegrams are immediately transmitted electronically to the nearest telegraph office to the destination address and typically arrive quicker than International Telegrams (usually within 24 hours). Cablegrams are delivered at the discretion of the destination country's regulations and Postal Telegraph Administration, and may include postal delivery. We are not able to guarantee a delivery times for International Cablegrams. Unlike International Telegrams we cannot obtain a recipient signature, but can provide proof of transmission to the International telegraph office. If you need a signature or confirmation, choose the International Telegram option. Cablegrams are a better option when time is of the essence.

$28.95 + $0.89 per word
All charges include each word in the destination address. Once International Telegram or International Cablegram orders are sent to the destination country no refunds are available.