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Old Time Nostalgia

OLD TIME TELEGRAMS ARE REAL MCCOY TELEGRAMS -- STOP -- no, I mean it STOP --FROM OLDEN DAYS YOU DICTATE OR ORDER ONLINE -- STOP--No seriously, you can send high impact messages, calling for action or response, or simply just do it for fun -STOP--YOU COULD EMULATE MORSE CODES --- ---- --- ---- ---- -- STOP--BRING BACK A LITTLE PAST TIME HISTORY -- STOP--OR JUST A LITTLE OLD 1880 TO 1920 WESTERN TECHNOLOGY -- STOP--REMINISCENCE THE SIMPLE DAYS OF YESTERYEAR -- STOP--seriously. This is great for vintage theme events, or to just hang on the wall-- STOP--ORDER A 19TH CENTURY KEEPSAKE -- STOP--OR SEND AN 1800'S EARLY AMERICAN MESSAGE -- STOP--it's historical. It's traditional--STOP--I'm not kidding. These are not out of date anymore --STOP !

Hand Delivered Telegrams