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Telegrams, with date & time authentication, are legally recognized forms of notice over unconfirmed e-mail and fax messages.

Carrier’s Time Date Stamp is a Lawful Record of the Message Filing Time

In order to send a telegram a message must be filed. The filing occurs at the moment you send your message online (by clicking send telegram) or when our operator transmits your message after you dictate it. When the message is filed our computer issues a time date stamp.

The carrier’s time date stamp is a lawful record of the filing time of a message.

The time date stamp is synonymous to a post mark from the post office.

If you are required to send notification by a specific time and day, such as in a contract cancellation provision, you can file a telegram prior to your deadline The time/date stamp provides evidence of meeting your deadline.

Many customers use this service to cancel contracts prior to a midnight deadline when the recipient is unreachable (such as after hours when a company is closed) or when they have missed the last postal mail pickup.

Please note that depending on the type of service ordered, the time date stamp may or may not be printed on the recipient’s copy of the message another (second) time date stamp or postmark may be added such as in certain postalgrams ® or international telegrams. However, this time date stamp is retained in our records and a statement of the time and date filed is available upon request.

American Telegram® is a telecommunications carrier, authorized by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), conforming to the Communications Act, 47 U.S.C. § 151-163. By law (Section 220 [47 U.S.C. 220]), American Telegram® is required by the FCC to maintain accurate records.

As a telegram common carrier, per federal law and tariffs, our time date stamp is an accurate lawful record for filing of a message, not subject to dispute.

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